Health Issues > Thyroid Disorders . Just wondering if any of you with thyroid disease have experienced easy bruising and . I go through periods of easy bruising .

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Easy bruising

What causes easy bruising? ChaCha Xanax and easy bruising Answer: There are several medications which can cause easy bruising but it also happens with aging .

Are you experiencing easy bruising? Here's how to understand what causes this symptom.

I'm going to see my doc tomorrow but I'm just going out of my mind right now. Symptoms include: easy bruising which I've never had before, Xanax and easy bruising fatigue, microscopic amount .

Bruising Altitude. Bruising Altitude had a chance to compete against some out-of-state teams in the 2010 season and, true to their name, put a hurting on those teams .

Im a 29 year old who tends to bing drink. Normally i drink on friday or saturday pretty heavily. In the past month, ive noticed bruises appearing on my inner thighs .

Education as to the causes of bruising easily is essential if you are going to learn what can cause your Xanax and easy bruising bruising to become worse. As part of this learning process .

I've always bruised fairly easily - well, easier than the "typical" person, I guess - but ever since going on 20 mg/day of Celexa in February, I've been noticing a .

I took fluoxetine for 10 days and developed ringing in my left ear. It has been 33 days since my last dose was